Law offices of Anna Hysell have had several recent successes with asylees who have sought to escape the devastation and heartbreak caused by the unprovoked actions of the Putin Invasion of Ukraine. We have
also helped several Russian nationals who refused to participate in the War itself and feared persecution or torture for their political stances.

Recently, we helped a young Russian man who was detained at the Southern Border appeal a negative fear determination by USCIS. With our help we were able to show this young man was able to demonstrate that he had a reasonable fear of return to Russia, and that the interviewing asylum officer violated the law while interviewing the detainee. When our client voiced opposition to the ongoing war a Putin supporting co-worker turned him in for his anti-war comments and the military came looking for him. He knew he had no choice but to flee the country, and hope to gain asylum elsewhere.

Likewise, we successfully won an asylum case before the San Diego Immigration Court for a Belarus national who had been an outspoken opponent of Lukashenko and his corruption of the Belarusian government. With Lukashenko’s recent decree on the recruitment of Belarusian conscripts to fight in the Ukraine on behalf of Russia, we were able to secure a victory for our client as he had every fear of persecution or torture for refusal to serve Lukashenko and his support of the Ukraine war.

We are thrilled to help these courageous young men find safety in our nation.