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At North County Immigration, we are committed to providing comprehensive immigration law services to the community of Escondido and beyond. Our law office, founded in 2002 by Managing Attorney Anna M. Hysell, has a rich history of delivering strategic and creative litigation solutions to our clients. With a background that includes working with the United States Department of Justice, Attorney Hysell brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to our firm. We specialize in various litigation areas, including immigration, U visas, T visas, and VAWA cases.

Our Dedication to Your Immigration Needs

At the Law Offices of Anna M. Hysell, we firmly believe that every client is unique and deserving of personalized attention. No two cases are alike, as each matter presents its own distinct set of facts and challenges. It is our unwavering commitment to ensure that every client receives the exceptional care and representation they deserve from a skilled and accomplished attorney.

We understand that immigration matters are not just legal issues; they involve real people who are entrusting us with their dreams, safety, and future. That’s why we make it our mission to make a meaningful difference in the lives of our clients, starting with our dedicated practice area: U Visa representation.

U Visa Lawyer: Helping You Navigate to Safety and Security

If you or someone you know has been a victim of domestic violence, a witness to a crime, or have valuable information about a criminal activity, you may be eligible for a U Visa. The U Visa is a unique and vital immigration option designed to protect and provide immigration relief to victims and witnesses who have cooperated with law enforcement agencies in the investigation or prosecution of crimes.

At North County Immigration, we have a team of compassionate and experienced individuals, including our U Visa lawyer, ready to guide you through the process. We understand the sensitive nature of these cases and the courage it takes to come forward. Our team is dedicated to helping you secure the protection and opportunities that the U Visa provides.

How We Can Assist You:

Expert Legal Guidance: Our seasoned U Visa lawyer will provide you with expert guidance throughout the application process, ensuring that all necessary documentation and evidence are accurately prepared and submitted.

Advocacy and Support: We will be your advocate, representing your interests and communicating with law enforcement agencies on your behalf, if necessary. We’ll make sure your rights are protected every step of the way.

Compassionate Representation: We understand the emotional toll that these situations can take. Our team is here to provide emotional support, helping you navigate this challenging journey with empathy and care.

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If you believe you may be eligible for a U Visa or have questions about your immigration status related to domestic violence, reporting crimes, or cooperating with law enforcement, we encourage you to reach out to us. Your path to safety and security begins with a consultation with our U Visa lawyer, Anna M. Hysell.

Don’t wait – take the first step towards a brighter future. Contact the Law Offices of Anna M. Hysell today to schedule your case consultation. We are here to stand by your side and help you achieve the security and peace of mind you deserve.

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What Our Client Say About Us

Going through the immigration process can be very stressful and uneasy. I am glad that I chose to work with Anna and her team for my case. They handled my case promptly and professionally. Whenever I had questions or concerns, I could get responses from them quickly. I will trust them for my future immigration cases and recommend her business to my friends.

Hiroe I.

My experience was extraordinary, Anna was knowledgeable. She was very polite, she handled my case to a successful end. I RECOMMEND Anna H. to anyone with no less than a tough case. She’s indeed indeed great.

Caesar P.

My wife was an illegal immigrant for many years. We had been to several lawyers before Anna and they were all okay. I don’t think we really knew what a good lawyer was until working with Anna. She listened to our problems, asked probing questions and was very honest with us. My wife’s case was not an open and shut case. Anna took the time to explain to us the risks and she even did some additional research to be sure her answers were 100% accurate. I appreciate that she didn’t try to paint a rosy picture just to get us as clients. Her honesty is one of her greatest assets in my opinion. We ultimately faced a major set back in my wife’s case (no fault of Anna’s) and Anna stood by us while we struggled with family separation. In the end Anna and her team were able to secure a positive outcome for our family. I can honestly say I don’t know if my wife and I would be living in the United States today (legally) if it wasn’t for Anna and her team. I can’t recommend Anna’s services enough. Her prices are fair and her entire practice is 100% professional. Anna Hysell is a breath of fresh air in a world that has become increasingly corrupt and dishonest.

Chad W.

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Are you facing immigration challenges and seeking expert guidance to navigate the complex legal landscape? North County Immigration is here to help!

What Sets Us Apart

Former Government Attorney

Attorney Anna M. Hysell is a former Government attorney for both the U.S. Department of Justice and the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.

Winning Complex Cases

We think like the interviewing officer or opposing government lawyer. We have earned a reputation for taking on and winning complicated immigration cases. 

Experienced Litigation Team

In a field with rampant fraud and incompetence, where many are taken advantage of, our experienced team protects the rights of our clients, ensuring that each receives fair and just treatment.

Commitment To Helping

We strive to listen to our client’s and minimize their stress. We work each day to ensure our client matters are handled properly and communicate the progress at the different stages of the matter.

Upfront Review Process

During your consultation, a full analysis is made including a review of all relevant documentation. The weaknesses in the case and how to overcome them are determined, as well as what evidence will be necessary and what the most efficient way is for the client to get the results they want.

Full Service Law Firm

The Law Offices of Anna M. Hysell is one of the top civil rights firms in the San Diego area. We strategically design our lawsuits to have an impact from the start and are not afraid to take on the most challenging cases. Our goal is to always achieve justice for our clients.

Case Results

Successful Deportation Defense for a Military Family

NCI helped a client with a prior successfully avoid deportation on the grounds of hardship as the defendant’s children’s mother was deployed.

Successful Asylum Claim from the Ukraine War

NCI helped an asylee seeking to escape the devastation and heartbreak caused by the unprovoked actions of the Putin Invasion of Ukraine.

B-2 Visa Extensions Granted to Keep a Family Together

NCI was able to get 6-month extensions approved for 2 minors to stay with their ill father in the United States while he undergoes medical treatment.

Removal Stopped

NCI was able to halt the removal of a Brazilian national that was scheduled to be deported out of Houston International on the grounds of due process violations.

Reunification of an Escondido Family

NCI successfully helped an Escondido woman and her mother overcome some legal challenges and gain immigration status, allowing them to reunite.

Removal Order Rescinded

NCI was able to help rescind a removal order for our client who had the unfortunate luck of previously receiving poor counsel. 

U Visa & U Visa Lawyer FAQs

What is a U Visa?

U Visas are available to individuals and their families who have fallen victim to specific crimes in the United States. Such crimes may include domestic violence, sexual assault, rape, murder, manslaughter, human trafficking, abduction, torture, false imprisonment, extortion, involuntary servitude and many others. We handle a large volume of U Visa applications and have had extraordinary success.

What are the U Visa requirements?

To be eligible for a U Visa, you must meet specific criteria:

1. You must have been a victim of a qualifying criminal activity, such as domestic violence, sexual assault, human trafficking, or other crimes.

2. You must have suffered physical or mental abuse as a result of the crime.

3. You must possess information about the crime and be willing to cooperate with law enforcement authorities in the investigation or prosecution of the crime.

4. You must obtain a certification from a qualifying law enforcement agency that confirms your cooperation and helpfulness in the case.

5. You must show that you are admissible to the United States or eligible for a waiver of any grounds of inadmissibility.

How are U Visas different from T Visas and VAWA cases?

U Visas, T Visas, and VAWA (Violence Against Women Act) cases all provide immigration relief to victims of crime or abuse, but they have distinct differences:

  • U Visa: Available to victims of a wider range of crimes, including domestic violence, sexual assault, and human trafficking. Requires cooperation with law enforcement.
  • T Visa: Designed for victims of human trafficking. Victims do not need law enforcement certification but must comply with reasonable requests for assistance.
  • VAWA: Available to survivors of domestic violence, abuse, or cruelty perpetrated by a U.S. citizen or lawful permanent resident spouse or parent. Does not require law enforcement involvement.

Each of these options offers a path to legal status in the U.S. for victims of different types of crimes or abuse.

How can a U Visa lawyer help me with my U Visa application?

A U Visa lawyer can be an invaluable asset in your journey to obtain a U Visa. They can assist you in the following ways:

  1. Expert Guidance: Lawyers experienced in U Visa cases can ensure that your application is complete and accurate, increasing your chances of approval.

  2. Liaison with Law Enforcement: They can communicate with law enforcement agencies on your behalf to obtain the necessary certification and ensure your cooperation is properly documented.

  3. Evidence Collection: Your attorney will help gather the required evidence to support your U Visa application, including medical reports, police reports, and affidavits.

  4. Legal Representation: In case of any challenges or complications, your lawyer will represent your interests, advocating for your rights throughout the process.

  5. Emotional Support: Dealing with the aftermath of a crime can be emotionally taxing. A U Visa lawyer can provide compassionate support and guidance during this difficult time.

How many U Visas get approved each year?

The number of U Visas granted each year is subject to a cap set by the U.S. government. As of September 2021, the annual cap was 10,000 U Visas. However, this number can vary, and there may be legislative changes or adjustments.

In 2022, there were 29,700 victims of crimes that applied for the U Visa. USCIS approved 10,051 of those U Visa applications and denied 3,131. This leaves another 16,000 applications that were received but were not adjudicated.

It’s essential to consult with an immigration attorney for the most up-to-date information on U Visa approvals and caps. Working with a U Visa lawyer also gives you the best chance of getting your application approved. 

What is the wait period for a U Visa?

The wait period for a U Visa can vary based on several factors, including the complexity of your case, the caseload of the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), and other individual circumstances. As of September 30, 2022, USCIS had 188,974 U Visa applications pending. Generally, it’s important to be prepared for a potentially lengthy process. Consulting with a U Visa lawyer can help you navigate the application and understand the estimated wait times based on your specific situation.

How long can you stay in the United States with a U Visa?

Once granted a U Visa, you can initially stay in the United States for up to four years. However, extensions and adjustments of status may be possible depending on your situation. Consult with a U Visa lawyer to explore your options for obtaining lawful permanent residence (green card) after meeting certain requirements and time periods. Your attorney can guide you through the process to secure your immigration status in the United States.