Undocumented? Be Proactive to Prevent Your Deportation!

The Trump Administration has directed the Department of Homeland Security to increase the number of arrests, detentions and removals of undocumented immigrants! DHS have rid of the prioritization of criminal immigrants established under Obama which leaves no one safe!

North County Immigration has one philosophy that has worked: Be proactive now, not in an emergency! We regularly sit down with clients and take the time necessary to obtain all records on behalf of clients, review their history, and discuss what, if any options our clients have, and what will be the best, most time- and cost-efficient one.  We also empower a clients with a full “Know Your Rights” session and ensure they are prepared for the worst case situation.  We also provide packages for clients with prior deportation orders where nothing more can be done, to keep on their person, so that if they are encountered, they are ready to go with the proper documentation to seek a discretionary humanitarian approval to remain in the US with their families.  We do the talking for you! You have rights and we want to make sure you use them!

Don’t wait until you get caught! Be proactive now and call our office to see if you are eligible. Let North County Immigration help you safeguard your case. Call 760-233-0800. We are with you!