North County Immigration has been helping a Malaysian family stay together for the past year in the United States.  NCI was able to secure 6-month B Tourist Visas for three minor children while they visit and comfort their ill father who unfortunately has been diagnosed with a terminal illness.  There has been much procedural disorganization at USCIS in the last year due to the COVID pandemic. The B2 extensions for the children were erroneously rejected by USCIS citing a failure to show up for their biometrics appointments.  However, their appointments were supposed to be rescheduled at the same time for safety and logistical issues, and USCIS failed to properly acknowledge the request.  After submitting the relevant USCIS policy guidance and evidence of the re-scheduling request, NCI was able to successfully re-open the cases and get the three B2 extensions granted so that the children could remain with their father in the United States.