Sometimes cases involve lots of legal complexities that most immigration lawyers do not have the experience to succeed.  Our North County Immigration legal team, led by former Department of Homeland Security Attorney Anna Hysell has the background and experience to help families around the globe gain legal status in the United States.  This particular case was complex involving international laws and the Phillippines.  We were ecstatic that the family was successful in reuniting with their grandmother and gaining legal status!



If we could, we would give Attorney Anna Hysell, and North County Immigration Service ten stars, rather than five.  It took many months to accomplish our case involving the Philippines but there were lots of complications and Anna and her staff were very knowledgeable and diligent in their efforts and did their best to calm this emotional grandmother during the procedure and explained what needed to be done in detail as time went on. Anna even took time from her family and office to travel when necessary to bring our case to a joyful conclusion.  The Todd/Buchan Family immensely appreciate the efforts taken on our behalf and highly recommend Anna Hysell and her firm to anyone who needs assistance with immigration/citizenship issues. They have offices in Escondido and San Diego.