The San Diego Unified School District unanimously approved a resolution in support of immigration reform on Tuesday night.

The resolution claims current immigration policies are hurting students in the district — stating some who “have been separated from one or both parents as a result of an immigration raid, and some children have lost a parent at the hands of border agent brutality.”

“Our students are being interrogated – made to be afraid to be in their own neighborhood because of ICE raids or other police brutality they’ve encountered,” said Maria Miller, a SDUSD teacher.

Miller said it was critical for her to attend the meeting because she’s had students who don’t perform or participate in class because they’re living in fear. She talked about one student whose grades suddenly went down.

“He found it in him to confide he had both his parents picked up and deported and as a young adult take care of elementary school age kids,” she said.

Immigration advocates say the resolution is an important step to get the attention of lawmakers and build trust in the community.

“This is an important acknowledgement and ensures families whose children attend San Diego schools will have the security and benefit of being supported by their school district,” said Pedro Rios with the San Diego Immigrant Rights Consortium.

Reported by Jason Sloss Fox 5 News