Yesterday, I met with the managing officers of San Diego’s Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) as part of the ICE-Aila liaison committee.  The head official in charge of San Diego’s Fugitive Operations confirmed that the San Diego office is not contacting the California Department of Motor Vehicles for any information with regard to those seeking AB-60 licenses.  This is a significant statement by local ICE as it demonstrates restraint and a showing of respect for the laws of California. While this brings some much-needed reassurance for many who have been afraid to seek the AB-60 license in California, it is necessary to remember that this is not a national ICE policy, but rather a local San Diego ICE policy.  The California DMV has stated that while they are not generally sharing information about AB-60 license applicants, if other federal law enforcement agencies ask for information on a SPECIFIC applicant they will comply and provide the information.