Paul D. Ryan was elected Speaker of the House last Thursday, and he is already catering to the GOP conservatives who forced the resignation of his predecessor John A. Boehner.  In a series of televised interviews Mr. Ryan made it clear that he would not work with the Obama administration on changing immigration policy, which effectively could push off the issue to at least 2017.  Mr. Ryan, a Republican from Wisconsin, said in an interview with CBS’s “Face the Nation”, that Obama “Tried to go it alone, circumventing the legislative process with his executive orders, so that is not in the cards.”  Mr. Ryan said his priorities as Speaker would include laying out plans for overhauling the tax code and replacing the Affordable Care Act.

White House spokesman Josh Earnest was asked in a press conference about the comments made by Mr. Ryan and described the speaker’s stance as “a source of deep disappointment.”

As far as Mr. Ryan’s views on the current GOP Presidential Candidates, he remained neutral in terms of who should get the Republican nomination, but did comment on ABC in regards to the recent debate “I looked at that stage and said every one of these people would be a far better president than Hilary Clinton..”