Recent immigrants from Central America may get some temporary relief from worries about the Immigration Raids that have begun this year, at least according to one key Democratic leader.  Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev) suggested that the Obama administration may put a hold on the controversial immigration raids which have divided many in the Democratic party.  “I think you’re going to find a pause in these deportations,” the Democratic leader said on Tuesday.  Reid added that he isn’t sure when the administration might announce a policy shift, but he said he met with Department of Homeland Secretary Jeh Johnson and that Johnson “understood” Democrats’ concerns and there has been some progress towards a resolution.

The Statements by Reid come in as a bit of a contrast to recent White House comments, as the administration previously suggested it won’t change its stance, despite the disapproval of many congressional Democrats.  White House spokesman Josh Earnest told reporters last week “We’re of course aware of these concerns.  But the enforcement strategy and priorities that the administration has articulated are not going to change.”  The administration has suggested it is simply following the law, however many lawmakers have argued that immigrants face risks to their safety if they are forced to return to their home countries, mostly in Central America.  House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) said that the immigrants were “desperately trying to escape violence in their home countries.”  House Democrats circulated a letter before the State of the Union Address that called on the Obama administration to change course with respect to the raids.