Today, ICE’s top lawyer, Deputy Principal Legal Advisor Rhia Ramiogan, met with the lead ICE prosecutors in the different Districts across the country in a Town Hall Meeting to discuss how they are to execute Obama’s Executive Action policies in the cases currently in deportation proceedings.  As the local co-chair of the liaison committee I participated in a call with the top ICE prosecutor this afternoon to discuss ICE’s new policies regarding deportation cases and learned the following:

  • While Obama’s new policies are not effective until Jan. 5, 2015, ICE will take the Obama policies into consideration on all cases currently being prosecuted.  If the person in deportation proceedings does not fit into one of the new enforcement priorities and may be eligible for Deferred Action under Obama’s new policies, ICE will consider closing the case.
  • Teams are being detailed out to the local districts before the January effective date to train all local ICE prosecutors as to how to execute Obama’s new policies.
  • People in detention facilities that have been detained may now be able to be released if they would otherwise qualify for Deferred Action under Obama’s executive action.
  • People with prior removal orders may no longer be removed if they otherwise qualify under Obama’s executive action.

If you currently are facing deportation, contact our office to see how we can help you get out of deportation proceedings and get you Deferred Action instead.