ICE Raids are happening now, creating issues for hard working immigrants from Central America.

Some things to consider in order to be prepared for a potential ICE Raid:

  1. Always have at least 2 close friends or relatives phone numbers memorized in case you need to call them if you are detained by ICE
  2. If you have children, have an emergency plan in place for their care should you be detained
  3. Do not willingly open the door if ICE comes to your home and don’t admit you know of anyone that they say they are looking for
  4. ICE is not allowed in your home without a warrant;  And if they do present a warrant it needs to be signed by a Judge
  5. Always remain silent and remember you have the right to an attorney
  6. Don’t give ICE agents any information about yourself or others and remember never to sign anything without consulting an attorney first
  7. Try to Document the Raid as best as you can;  Photos and Detailed Notes with names of the officers and their ID numbers, and how the events unfolded;  The more details the better;
  8. You can fight your case
  9. You can report the incident online at