Attorney Hysell speaks at FBA Conference

(Left to Right) Professor Vastine, Attorney Greer, Attorney Hysell

This past weekend, I had the extraordinary privilege of speaking at the Federal Bar Association’s conference on immigration law in Washington DC.  It was great fun and an honor to present with Professor Michael Vastine from St. Thomas University College of Law, and Attorney Christina Greer of the DOJ’s Office of Immigration Litigation.

Together, our panel spoke on important case updates from the Supreme Court and Circuit Courts of Appeals as to how these new precedents can affect immigration matters, while sharing a variety of tips for immigration lawyers to utilize to best represent their clients. I spoke about several important Supreme Court matters, including Patel v. Garland (where the Supreme Court found that there was very judicial review on discretionary immigration matters), Santos-Zacaria v. Garland (a pending matter where the Court must decide if immigrants must file motions to reconsider before appealing their cases to the Circuit Courts of Appeal), and United States v. Texas (a pending matter where the Court must decide if states can challenge DHS’ prioritization of how they will enforce immigration removal cases).

I also shared the most updated case law regarding venue and choice of law given the amount of remote web hearings happening in immigration removal matters and suggested strategies for lawyers to use to gain the most advantageous position for their clients and how to challenge DHS’s use of forum shopping. We loved fielding the lawyers’ questions and were thrilled to hear all the positive feedback afterward!

It was so great to get back to in-person conferences again and to see so many colleagues and old friends like former DOJ co-workers attorneys that now have joined USCIS and the Department of State! 

Another highlight was being able to tour the White House! An incredible experience and definitely one for the books! Thanks to the FBA for having me, and I look forward to being a part of the conference next year in Salt Lake City!