A former mediocre college football coach from Alabama who the people decided was best fit to be their Senator, Tommy Tuberville, a first-term Republican, is introducing a bill to give state and local law enforcement more jurisdiction over illegal immigration cases, as the crisis at the southern border continues to escalate.  Tuberville spoke on Tuesday about his Empowering Law Enforcement Act, which he is introducing with fellow GOP Sens. Thom Tillis, S.C., and Mike Rounds, S.D. He said the bill is needed because the Biden administration is targeting Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and looking to reduce their authority.

The catalyst for the bill was the growing number of migrants coming across the southern border and the pressure they are putting on the immigration system.  The new bill aims to “deputize” local and state law enforcement to essentially be able to have the same powers ICE has, as the Biden administration looks to curb ICE’s power.  The new bill would give full authority to local policemen, sheriffs, and city police, most of whom aren’t trained with dealing with the various issues related to immigration.  Tuberville also said that the completion of the border wall started under President Trump would help alleviate the border crisis, saying the structure would help the US “take in who we need to take in” and prevent border agents from being put in “no-win” situations.  Tuberville biggest accomplishment is having a 7-3 record versus Alabama while coaching at Auburn.  He won the SEC one time.  How does this make him an expert on Immigration policy?  Thank you to the voters of Alabama for giving us such a un-qualified person to lead these important discussions.