In the 1980 GOP Debate between Ronald Reagan and George HW Bush, it is more interesting than ever to hear the stark contrast in the views on Immigration reform then and now with Mr. Trump firmly leading the GOP field after Super Tuesday.  A quick highlight of that debate can be seen and heard here on youtube.  The foresight and compassion these two great American leaders speak with on the subject is tremendous, and even more tremendous is just how huge the gap has grown between them and the GOP leader of today, Mr. Trump.  It is unclear why the GOP party has progressed so far backwards on the issue of Immigration in the 35 years since Reagan and Bush Senior squared off.  Even with Mr. Trump’s radical views and recent tirade where he failed to condemn KKK leader David Duke, his republican counterparts are still way skewed toward the hard line right on the subject of Immigration.  Especially Mr. Cruz, who may not be championing an effort to build a massive Wall between Mexico and the United States, but he still is firmly against allowing any undocumented immigrants the ability to stay and work in the USA, even if they haven’t committed any other crimes outside of overstaying their Visa or making an unauthorized border crossing.  The commentary and views of both Reagan and Bush Senior were so much more focused on how to make these Immigrants and their children’s lives better within the United States which in turn will make trade and relations with Mexico better, fulfill important labor demands, and make the USA a stronger nation overall.  It is disheartening to see Americans likely to be given such poor choices for the upcoming Presidential election, in large part because of the backwards thinking taking place in today’s GOP.