North County Immigration is a top immigration law firm with a with proven track record that successfully provides the best representation worldwide. A full-service law firm, North County Immigration handles all immigration matters for individuals, investors and foreign small businesses, and specializes in the most complex immigration cases.
Trained by the U.S. Government, Managing Attorney Anna Hysell knows how to win immigration cases. A fierce prosecutor, Ms. Hysell was well-respected amongst practitioners and the judicial bench, and has continued her reputation winning matters for families and businesses with her unique background. She provides honest assessments and service and enjoys taking on the most complex matters.
Former Prosecutor for U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement
Our Immigration Strategies Get Success Stories
Your case requires a big investment, both time and money. We work hard to ensure that your matter is handled with the best skill and service. It is our policy to make sure that each step is managed so that USCIS cannot deny it and that is why North County Immigration is one of the best immigration law firms in the world. Many of our clients are referred to us by other lawyers who are not experienced enough to handle the case. Read more about our success stories here

Former Government Attorney

As a former Government attorney for the U.S. Department of Justice and the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, I learned from the inside what is necessary for case approvals - whether it be for matters before the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service, U.S. Consulate and Embassies abroad, or before the U.S. Immigration Courts. This knowledge, along with the experience of prosecuting hundreds of cases, has given me a unique advantage over competitors and ultimately leads to satisfying results for my clients. There is no case that I shy away from, as I have seen the toughest of client matters.

Winning Complex Cases

My success stems from my ability to think like the interviewing officer or opposing Government lawyer and remain three steps ahead of them. My team has been trained on how to prepare client cases and represent clients the same way I always have. Trusted with the U.S. Government as my first client, I ensure, I can be trusted with yours.

Recent Updates

1 month ago

Pleased to be speaking at the Federal Bar Association conference today and tomorrow on asylum matters with my esteemed colleagues.

1 month ago
Texas Senate passes private prison-written bill to license ‘baby jails’ as childcare facilities

Private prisons have been profiting off the detention of immigrants for too long. Now, the Texas Senate legislates to authorize prison as a childcare facility. Immigration lawyers across the country ... See more

, the Texas Senate passed a bill on May 8 a bill that will license so-called “baby jail” family detention centers for undocumented families as childcare facilities — all while potentially ... See more

1 month ago
North County Immigration

Congratulations to Amara Darboh!!! NFL pick for Seattle Seahawks! Another immigrant overcoming the odds and capturing the American dream!!!! #goblue

1 month ago
Amara Darboh finishes journey from Sierra Leone to the NFL as Seahawks draft pick

Congratulations to Amara Darboh!!! NFL pick for Seattle Seahawks! Another immigrant overcoming the odds and capturing the American dream!!!!

The Michigan wideout overcame long odds to make his NFL dream come true.

1 month ago
Photos from North County Immigration's post

Our first seminar in Tijuana last night was fantastic! A great turnout and excellent discussion led by our Mariela Sanchez about family-based immigration and waivers. Thank you to all who came! Join ... See more

1 month ago
Hysell & Asociados

En estos momentos se está llevando a cabo la plática de migración impartida por nuestras abogadas Mariela Sánchez y Anna Hysell.

1 month ago
Photos from North County Immigration's post

En camino a Tijuana para preparar nuestro seminario gratuito! Habláremos de peticiones familiares, visas, y nuestra especialidad perdones! No dude en acompañarnos esta tarde en el CRIT Baja ... See more

2 months ago
'That Ends Now': Sessions Condemns 'Lax Immigration Policies'

AG Sessions came to San Diego and talked about Escondido as though it's been under siege by transnational gangs. Very inaccurate and out of touch remarks. Our office is located in Escondido and we ... See more

U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions visited the U.S.-Mexico border with Department of Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly on Friday, April 21. He spoke extensively about sanctuary jurisdictions ... See more

2 months ago
Avocado Festival In Fallbrook California

We will be at the Fallbrook Avocado Festival today from 8-5 in downtown Fallbrook!! Come visit our booth to get your questions answered and enter to win a 4-pack of movie tickets!!! Sunday Funday! ... See more

Public & Government Services

2 months ago
Hysell & Asociados

El día de hoy parte del equipo de Hysell y Asociados recorrió las calles de la ciudad de Tijuana para invitar a la comunidad a nuestra platica gratuita de migración el próximo Martes 25 de abril ... See more

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Anna M. Hysell is one of San Diego’s leading immigration lawyers and founder of North County Immigration.  Her experience as former Department of Justice Honors Attorney helps provide immigrants top legal aid. 

Winning Immigration Team

North County Immigration is led by former ICE prosecutor Anna Hysell. Trained by the US Government, Ms Hysell knows how to win cases whether before the US Citizenship and Immigration Service or before the Immigration Court. She single-handedly has trained her team with her knowledge and incomparable experience to master each case from start to finish. She leads a team of dedicated and highly skilled attorneys and paralegals. Ms. Hysell’s high standards from her staff result in client satisfaction.

Experienced Legal Team

Rampant fraud and incompetence has dominated the Immigration field for years. North County Immigration’s mission is to provide the most thorough, competent work in the area. As vocal advocates for the community, we have protected the rights of its members ensuring that each of our clients receives fair and just treatment whether at trial or while detained. 

Full Service Law Firm

A full-service law firm, North County Immigration is one of the top Immigration law firms in the San Diego area. Led by former ICE prosecutor Anna Hysell, North County Immigration handles all immigration matters, with a focus on the more complex matters. We are often retained by clients who have had unsuccessful outcomes with other attorneys and take on their challenged cases and turn them around to create success.

Winning Cases

We know that our work changes people’s lives and we take that responsibility seriously. Our strategy is to put our best foot forward from the start and to make each of our cases unbeatable. This strategy has proven successful as we have one of the highest success rates in the area. Immigration officials are familiar with our work and when they see our name attached to the case, they give the matter credibility. To learn more about some of our success stories, click here. 

Upfront Review Process

At North County Immigration, we determine whether we can win your case during our Consultation. A full analysis is made during the Consultation including review of all relevant documentation. North County Immigration determines through our proven analytical process what the weaknesses are in the case and how we can overcome them. We determine what evidence will be necessary and what the most efficient way is for the client to get the results they want.



Commitment to Help

At North County Immigration we are dedicated to providing the best legal representation possible. We strive to minimize client stress and listen to our clients needs. We continuously work each day to ensure our client matters are handled properly and communicate the progress at the different stages of the matter.

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Let our top immigration lawyers help you get the results you want. Contact our office online or by phone to schedule a consultation at (760) 233-0800.

Anna Hysell a former D.O.J ICE Immigration attorney regularly offers prospective clients consultations.

Anna Hysell a former D.O.J ICE Immigration attorney regularly offers prospective clients consultations.

Anna was part of the prestigious Honors Program.

Anna was part of the prestigious Honors Program.

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Anna Hysell

Managing Attorney
Anna Marie Hysell is the founding and managing attorney of North County Immigration.  Her passionate advocacy and perseverance on behalf...
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Senior Paralegal/Licenciada en Derecho
Ms. Sánchez is licensed Attorney in Mexico and a Certified Paralegal in the United States.  Ms. Sánchez discovered her passion...
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Associate Immigration Attorney
Rising star Claudia Sandoval joined the firm as an Associate Attorney in 2014.  Prior to joining the firm, Ms. Sandoval worked...
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